Welcome to The Kendall County Historical Society website. The historical society was chartered in 1970 to preserve the history of Kendall County and to provide historical education for the county’s residents. The Kendall County Historical Society has no paid staff, nor does it depend on support from any governmental agency. Operating income is derived from memberships, regular and memorial donations and our research material and sales of books and miscellaneous items. The everyday business of the organization is handled entirely by volunteers. Kendall County is located in the north central part of Illinois and was established in 1841. Yorkville is the county seat, and the Historical Library/Archives are located at 7935 Rt. 71 Yorkville.


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Our Mission

The mission of the Kendall County Historical Society is to foster among people an awareness of Kendall County’s history so that they may draw strength and perspective from the past and find purpose for the future. This mission is carried out by:

  • Providing opportunities for people of all ages to learn about the history of Kendall County
  • Collecting and caring for materials that document human life in Kendall County, making them known and accessible to people in Kendall County and surrounding communities
  • Encouraging and doing research in Kendall County history

We are an educational and cultural institution dedicated to preserving and sharing our growing historical collections and extensive archives with our members, visitors, and surrounding communities. We connect to past to the future so all generations will understand and appreciate the richness of Kendall County’s regional history.

Did you know that…

*The old Plano Depot was one of the first prefab buildings C.B. & Q. Railroad in Chicago, and was hauled to Plano on flatcars?

*The Oswego-Fox House is representative on an 1870’s Kendall County house?

*William Kellogg, a Union School teacher, became governor of Louisiana in 1866?

*Preserving and maintaining our county’s history is the prime purpose of the Kendall County Historical Society and it needs volunteers and money to accomplish this?


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